CMI has developed a culture, process, and team to drive facilities management to the next level, always concentrating on what is best for our customers.

Communication with our customers field personnel is of the highest priority; all of our technicians have not only radio communication they also have cell phones, text messaging. internet access and photography capabilities. Our service areas include the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio Texas markets our communication network is critical. These branch operations, as well as our service technicians in these areas, also have email and fax communication with the Dallas corporate office as well as the communication resources that our Dallas, Texas personnel utilize. This allows CMI Administrators the capability to provide information to our customers as well as field personnel and also allows our field personnel to receive any help that may be required from our service managers so a customers HVACR asset is repaired in a timely & effective manner.

Our customers have become very sophisticated in their tracking processes; we have in turn upgraded our dispatch and accounting software package to give us flexibility to include any and all information that our customers may require.

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