CMI delivers factory trained service excellence on HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment

With a fleet of experienced service crews, CMI can provide quick, quality, and reliable solutions to your HVACR service and retrofit needs. Licensed, certified, bonded and insured, CMI has the professional accreditations and financial integrity to manage your HVACR assets.

CMI believes that the key to our industry is the effective management of these assets in such a manner as to ensure reliability of equipment operation with reduced energy consumption resulting in the increase of the bottom line profitability of our customers. The effective management of your HVACR assets does not begin and end with emergency service or Maintenance Inspection performance. We place equal importance on ensuring that the documentation associated with work performed on your equipment is accurate and provided to you in a timely manner.

This extends to making sure that Purchase Order, Work Order and / or Service Order Numbers, which are generated by our customers to track requests, appear on all of our associated documentation that the customer receives. CMI provides service for many retail organizations and our commitment to our customers extends to providing a specific place on our field service orders for an organization’s stamp that combined with the authorized personnel’s signature creates further documentation of on site performance.
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